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Arizona Heritage Cabinetry of Tucson, Arizona
Building Cabinets & Fine Woodwork for over 150 years

Hi, I’m Jeff McClain, owner of Arizona Heritage Cabinetry in Tucson, Arizona. My family has been building homes and cabinetry in Arizona for over 150 years. My first ancestor arrived in Arizona Territory in 1858 and helped to build homes in settlements in the territories of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

From the mid-1800’s to the early 1900’s, succeeding generations built cabinets, homes and saw mills in the Thatcher and Safford area. The work they did in those early years is known as “territorial style” or “Santa Fe style” today.

Moving forward from the early 1900’s, when power machines were introduced, my family was involved in woodworking in new towns all along the Gila River from Safford to Globe and Miami. By the early 1940’s we were in Phoenix, and by the early 1950’s we were building in Tucson.

I grew up under the watchful eyes of my father, uncles and grandfather. I learned the old methods of building, using my father’s and grandfather’s hand tools (which I still own). I later learned the use and value of high quality power tools to cut, mill, turn, plane and sand wood to create beautiful finished cabinetry and furniture. Still, with all the power tools in the shop, nothing leaves without being subject to some form of hand workmanship.

While I graduated as a civil engineer from the U.S. Army School of Engineering, I learned much more from the generations that preceded me. Six generations of men who loved woodworking passed knowledge and tools from hand to hand and mind to mind.

It is from this heritage, in Arizona, that our company was born. And, it is from this heritage that you can be assured of the finest quality woodwork from myself and my staff at Arizona Heritage Cabinetry & Fine Woodworking.

Jeff McClain
Arizona Heritage Cabinetry

Arizona contractor’s license number: ROC233420

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