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Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

How much will this cost?

This, of course, is the big question… which, of course, has an “It depends” kind of an answer.

The reason the cost question is difficult is that all of the component elements have various costs. The number and size of cabinets is a big factor. The cost is also impacted by type of wood used, construction methods, hardware choices, type of finish, and style of cabinets and so on.

Three Different Price Points

We offer three price levels of cabinetry:

  1. Traditional: High quality with basic design elements
  2. Upgraded : Substantial enhancements in design function and style
  3. Designer: Liberal use of design elements (corbels, columns, carvings, etc.) and designer finishes (glazes, accent colors, accent woods).

We include:

  1. Design consultation
  2. Demolition and removal of old cabinetry if necessary
  3. Fabrication to design specification
  4. Installation on new cabinets

Here are some of the questions we will ask you to create your estimate:

  • Overall size (we measure)
  • Height of wall cabinets
  • Number of drawers
  • Number of doors
  • Are there built-in appliances
  • Will there be task lighting
  • What wood species
  • What kind of panel configuration (flat panel v. raised panel)
  • What kind of door construction (miter v. standard)
  • What color
  • What kind of finish (distressed, glaze, etc.)
  • What style drawers and drawer slides

Additional costs will come from appliances, countertops, tile work and (probably) some electrical and plumbing work.

Why our prices are competitive

As you look through our web site, you can see the quality of our work is superior. At the same time, our prices are very competitive.

Here’s why.

We actually do all of our work in Tucson. Plus, we do ALL of the work. That may sound odd, but, the truth is, most cabinet companies buy cabinets from China. And many companies don’t install the cabinets. They hire subcontractors to do the installing – at an increased cost.

Here’s how we compare to others:


High production operations typically produce cabinets overseas and, therefore, incur significant shipping and damage costs. They also have high warehousing and sales staff costs. As a result, cost cutting must take place with the product (i.e., less expensive materials, low cost labor and production short-cuts).

In addition, cabinet installation costs are a separate cost added by an independent contractor.


Our overhead costs are very low compared to high production and sales operations. Because we buy materials locally and build locally, we don’t have shipping costs, warehousing costs or a big sales staff.

Since our overhead costs are lower, we can focus our resources on building quality cabinets, and we do!

In addition, we design and install our own cabinets, which means the cost of installation is significantly less than bringing and independent contractor into the equation.

The overall result is that we provide a higher quality product with a custom designed approach for a price that is typically less that our competition.

For your complimentary consultation and cost estimate, please call Arizona Heritage Cabinetry today at 520-349-0567, or use our contact form.

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