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Arizona Heritage Cabinetry Important Consumer Information

At Arizona Heritage Cabinetry we take pride in the quality of every step of our work process. We invite you to ask any question you might have, so you are comfortable throughout your experience with us. Here are a few items to consider in making your decision on who to work with.

  • Arizona Heritage Cabinetry is locally owner & operated in Tucson, Arizona.
  • We are fully licensed and bonded.
  • Our contractor’s license number is ROC233420.
  • Our services include: consultation, design, build, finishing and installation.
  • In-home or office consultations are complimentary.
  • We specialize in working with all budgets: upscale, traditional, economy. “A project for every need, at a cost to fit all budgets.”
  • Cost formula: our overhead costs are very low compared to high production and sales operations. Because we buy materials locally and build in Tucson, we do not have shipping or warehousing costs. With lower overhead costs, we can focus our resources on quality workmanship. In addition, we design and install our own cabinets, which means the cost of installation is significantly less than bringing in an independent contractor. The overall result is that we provide a higher quality product, with a custom design, for a price that is typically less than our competition.
  • What about big box stores?
    High production operations, like Home Depot and Lowes, typically produce or purchase cabinets overseas and, therefore, incur significant shipping and damage cost that are passed on to you. They also have high warehousing and sales staff costs that you will pay in the cost of the product. As a result, and in order to keep prices competitive, they must cut costs at the expense of a quality product (less expensive materials, low-cost labor, production shortcuts and below average installers). In addition, cabinet installation costs are a separate cost that you will have to pay to an independent contractor, who also might take shortcuts since they are paid at a lower wage.

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