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Beautiful Kitchen Design for Today’s Homes

Kitchen design means more than how it looks when it is done.

At Arizona Heritage Cabinetry in Tucson, Arizona, we have designed, built and installed hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, libraries and other home cabinetry. We understand materials, colors, styles and current options, as well as form and function.

Beautiful kitchen design includes many elements, some large in scale (like appliances), some small in scale (like drawer slides). Here are some of the elements to consider:

  • Style: It is usually good to have cabinetry reflect the style of your home. In Tucson and in Southern Arizona, there are many styles of homes that include “Traditional”, “Ranch”, “Santa Fe”, Territorial”, Mediterranean”, etc.
  • Appliances: Refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, double ovens are all important appliances, but so are warming drawers, hoods and microwave ovens. Where they are placed and how the support they role of cooking are important considerations. For example, how many BTU’s do you want the burners to generate and how strong does the blower in the hood need to be to accommodate that output?
  • Lifestyle: Lots of entertaining usually means a different kitchen design (open) than one where food and cooking take a lower priority.
  • Appearance: Wood species, color and finish all contribute to appearance, but other considerations are also important. Items such as cabinet sizes, number of drawers versus number of doors, type of crown molding and valance molding, task lighting, pulls and knobs, etc., all contribute to appearance.
  • Details: Do you want soft-close drawers and cabinet doors? What kind of drawer box construction do you like? Do you want pull-out trays, towel racks, spice organizers, pantry organizers, pull-out trash container. Details fine tune functionality.

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